Outlook for Dry Bulk Shipping: ‘Grain Expectations’

20th January 2022

Navigating the Oceans: Mega Trends in Shipping

Consultancy / Research

Consultancy Research

Continued investment into our research and consultancy department has enabled Howe Robinson Partners to add significant value and enhance the quality of services we provide to our clients. The research and consultancy division was established with the aim of supporting our extensive broking network and providing our clients with the best possible tools for their shipping analysis needs. Our research and consultancy department, which remains independent, maintains a presence across multiple offices and works closely with our commercial departments to provide commercially relevant market leading analysis

We specialise in the dry, tanker and container markets and produce reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. The respective departments maintain extensive databases that are used for in depth market-analysis and forecasting, with which we are able to offer consultancy services, market presentations, and provide bespoke reporting. There is a regular interaction with the financial services industry, and the department is regularly retained to provide expert witness advice by a large number of clients across industries, as well as speak at industry-leading conferences around the world.


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